This Is What Winning Sounds Like…Lotto Max $60M Jackpot Shared By 12 Markham, Ont., Co-workers

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Lotto Max M jackpot shared by 12 Markham, Ont., co-workers.
You have to see the moment they found out below — heads up, there is a lot of swearing..
A group of 12 workers in Markham, Ont. erupted into a profanity-laced frenzy after learning they had won Friday’s record-high Lotto Max jackpot of million.

The winners are employees of Canadian Black Book, a company that publishes resale information about used cars. They all participated in a group play run by their colleague, Dennis Cartier.

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“Dennis deserves an Academy Award for this one,” said co-worker Brad Rome. “He kept that incredible secret for days, then as calm as calm could be, he surprised us with the news.”

Cartier said he didn’t find out about the big win until he checked the numbers on Saturday afternoon while on his way to pick up lunch.

Lotto Max 60 million win
This is what you look like when you win million. (YouTube)

He checked his ticket at a gas station and couldn’t believe his eyes. He then raced home, signed the ticket and put it on the refrigerator.

“I wanted to stay calm, eat my burrito and check the numbers again online. Every single number matched up, so I went back to where I bought the ticket and that’s when it all became very real.”

Cartier, who was not supposed to work Monday, arrived at the office in sandals and a T-shirt instead of his usual suit. He called a work meeting and broke the news.

According to an OLG news release, the group then erupted in cheers and laughter. Several started dancing on the board room tables.

The 12 winners sharing the prize are:

Cartier of Brampton.
Rome of Toronto.
Allison Scarangella Goodwin of Brampton.
Andre Dias of Bradford.
Andrew Breininger of Pickering.
Anna Calcaterra of Richmond Hill.
Claudio Santos of Bradford.
Darlene Wright of Toronto.
Joshua Bailey of Toronto.
Karen Penny of Newmarket.
Kathleen Ward of Toronto.
Lawrence Shred of Brampton.
The winning ticket was purchased at a Petro-Canada gas station on Kennedy Road in Brampton.

The OLG news release says no one in the lucky dozen has plans to quit their day jobs.

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