So How Do You Win The Lottery? 3 Quick Tips To Help You Win More

Winning the lottery is hard, right? Otherwise we’d all be jackpot millionaires.

But it doesn’t have to be THAT hard.

Let’s get real though – there is no magic way to push a button and pocket a jackpot. No matter what you do you’re going to need some luck.

But you can give luck a helping hand.

Most lottery players are seriously lazy. If you’re reading this then you’re NOT one of those people! Your actually finding out how to win.

What most players do is blindly play any old game – usually whatever has the biggest jackpot, or the glossiest poster in the store. But would you rather have the best chance of winning a serious prize. Or play the game that makes the lottery company the most profit..!?

So let’s do better than the 99% of lazy lottery players.

1. Don’t Believe The Hype

Don't believe the lottery hype

There is a lot of bad lottery information out there. There are some really dodgy people (names you might even recognize) who will happily sell you total crap. Sure it will sound amazing – they must be winning loads of money… But they know what they are selling is crap and does not work, but they really don’t care.

So the first tip if you want to be a lottery winner, is to read the reviews before you buy any lottery system or software. Just use your favorite search engine. Or you can check reviews of lottery systems at RivRapp – there aren’t that many there right now, but at least they do proper in-depth reviews. So you know they have actually bought and used the product and they know what they are talking about. That’s pretty rare given the amount of crap you’ll find online.

Remember I said there is no magic software to automatically pick the winning numbers though. The best you can ask is something that helps boost your odds of winning. Something that helps the luck, that is, increase your chances and help your numbers come up.

2. Choose Your Game Carefully

Choose carefully what game you play

I kind of hinted at this above. First, don’t play the dumb games that do nothing but put money in the pockets of the lottery company. I’m talking about Pick 3 here – did anyone ever get rich playing Pick 3? NO, they did not! The ONLY people who claim you can regularly win Pick 3 are the people selling you crap systems for it (can you figure how they make their money…). Or those people in forums who are desparately trying to convince themselves that they have ‘cracked the code’ whilst conveniently forgetting how much money they have lost playing this dumb game.

Second, when you buy your lottery tickets don’t play lots of different games. Choose the best game, and stick to that game only. Don’t buy a bit of this, and a bit of that and a bit of something else. Put all your money into the same game and you’ll have a lot better chance of winning. That’s basic math.

What game should you play? It depends. But I would choose one that actually does have a snowballs chance in hell to win the jackpot. Erm, not the Powerball lottery then (odds of winning are amongst the worst in the world!). And one that still has a good size for the jackpot. Erm, not Pick 3 or Pick 4 then.

3. “Avoid Scratchers Like The Plague”

Avoid playing the srcatchers?

Actually, I don’t agree with that at all. I’ve heard it given as advice. But it’s not good advice. Just like certain people say just to play the same numbers every time, when that doesn’t actually help!

Scratch-off tickets are just fine to play. I’d stick to playing scratchers OR regular lotto games, not both. Then just apply the same rules – don’t blindly buy 3 of those, 2 of those and maybe one of those. Do your research first, and work out which ones are the best to play. Then only buy those lottery tickets.

There You Go

That’s it. Those are my ‘in a nutshell’ 3 quick lottery tips. Do these 3 simple things and your chances of winning the lottery will be a LOT better than the lazy 99% of lottery players who just throw their money away every week.

Good luck next time your are playing the lottery. And hopefully some day you’ll be telling me the story of the time when you did win the lottery 🙂