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Lottery Pranks

If you’ve ever wanted to prank a friend or family member with e.g. a fake lottery ticket, check out these videos. Some of these are so funny you won’t be able to resist trying them out.

Mega Millions Prank

I snuck off to the gas station in the morning and printed off the previous … more

The Fake Lottery Ticket Prank

Today, Jesse gets pranked by Alex… with fake lottery tickets… will he win 10,000 dallors… … more
November 1, 2016

Parking Ticket Prank!

Heday and Valerie surprise unknowing offenders with fake parking ticket envelopes filled with holiday cheer! … more
October 30, 2016

Million Dollar Ticket Prank

Drivers are given a free scratch to win instant lottery ticket, a million dollars, but … more
October 28, 2016

Fake Lottery Ticket (#1)

Hey guys! Today I pranked my grandma with some prank lottery tickets at Isacs. I … more
October 13, 2016