Double Lottery Winner Secret

how do you win the lottery


Double Lottery Winner Secret and Lucky lottery stories with lottery winners. On Saturday, Robert Hong discovered he had picked all six numbers Lotto 6 / 49 draw, giving him a $ 15,000,000 jackpot.
Only six months ago, he was a $ 340,000 win with a friend.
“I really could not believe it,” Hong said after picking up his prize in Toronto prize office on Tuesday. “To win again after such a short amount of time, I had a look at the number several times, and sit back and see that they were actually the winning numbers.” Win the top prize odds are about one million 14th Possibility of winning two times are good, astronomy.
To compare home say about a woman giving birth quadruplets odds are 705,000 to one, and found that the pearl the odds are only 12,000 to one.

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