Finding The Best Lottery Software (Really)

Seriously..? Don't believe crap like thisWe all want a lottery program where you can just push the button and it gives you the winning numbers.

Frankly you’re living in cloud cuckoo land if you think that really exists.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t useful stuff out there though. It just means you have to read lottery software reviews before you spend any money. Otherwise you’re just going to end up buying junk that does nothing for your odds of winning.

So Why Read Reviews?

For two reasons.

First, you want to know that the lottery program you are buying isn’t just a bunch of hyped-up useless trash, right?

TIP: a lot of them ARE total crap! None of them can magically turn a lottery game into an ATM machine. Believe me, I’ve tried enough of them myself.

Second, you want to know that it’s the right kind of software for you. That is – does it do what YOU are expecting. If you want analysis software you don’t want to end up buying an application that just creates wheels. You want something that helps with choosing some winning numbers. So read reviews and find out exactly what the app does first.

Watch Out For Scammy Reviews!

Don’t believe reviews that don’t tell you anything REAL about the software. There are a small bunch of scumbag losers out there selling seriously crappy lottery products. They make big claims but deliver NOTHING and should be illegal. These people will happily put up fake reviews recommending their software. Or will pay other people who have never even used the program to sell it for them or put up reviews.

So look out for real reviews – ones that go into details, that show screenshots of the program in action, that tell you what it really does.

Ask yourself if that person reviewing it really knows what they are talking about? Do they sound like they actually understand how lottery games work, or what lottery analysis is all about?

Also be very wary of “award winning” software. There are NO real awards for lottery programs. These awards are B.S. at best, given out by download sites in exchange for money or promoting them.

What Kind Of Programs Are Available?

You can get lottery programs that do analysis of past results and suggest numbers that might give you a better chance of winning. You can also get really complex analysis and filtering programs that give you dozens of ways to crunch and filter numbers, and then leaves it totally up to you!

Analysis programs can be complex

So be prepared for that – if you want quick and easy then avoid the most complex analysis tools as you’ll never bother using them. Stick to the best stuff that is easy to use, and gives you numbers to play with minimum hassle. If you like complex number crunching, spreadsheets and statistics then the more complex lottery prediction tools are probably better for helping you analyse and look for patterns.

There are also programs to create wheeling systems, manage your entries, manage syndicate groups, print out your entries onto play slips etc. Many do just one thing, others combine functions.

Does It Really Work?

Can you buy a program, press a button and win the lottery? No, forget it, that’s just not being realistic dude!

This is about getting an edge, improving your chances of winning by filtering down to combinations that may have a better chance of being drawn. Lottery odds are really tough – stupidly, insanely tough for some games (you won’t see me playing Powerball for a reason!). Using analysis type programs is all about trying to gain an edge, to give you an advantage that the other players don’t have.

That ain’t what a lot of people want to hear – but I tell it like it is man!

Choosing The Best Lottery Program

Here’s my recommended approach on how to choose:-

  1. Know what you want the program to do.
  2. Read the quality reviews, avoiding scammy ones.
  3. Don’t give up on a tool too soon – it’s about getting an edge not banking jackpots every week.
Lottery Software That Really Works
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