6 Most Unlucky Lottery Winners Ever

how do you win the lottery

With the powerball sitting at 0 million dollars,
The highest jackpot of any lottery in US history. Millions are
rushing out to get their hands on what they hope is the winning
ticket. Winning the lottery is, after all, life changing.
But that change isn’t always for the better.

Today, we will be counting down 6 of the most unlucky lottery
winners, ever.

Number 6:

In 1996 Chicago born Jefferey Dampier Jr. along with his then wife won
Million dollars in the Illinois lottery. After he and his wife divorced,
he met Crystal Jackson whom he eventually married. Two years later, the
two moved to Florida where Dampier invested in a popcorn business called
Kassie’s Gourmet Popcorn. In 2005, his sister in law Victoria
(with whom he was having an affair) and her boyfriend Nathaniel Jackson
murdered Dampier. After binding his hands and feet with shoelaces,
Nathaniel reportedly gave a shotgun to Victoria and said
“Shoot him or I’ll shoot you”. Victoria, choosing to live, shot Dampier
in the back of the head.

Number 5:

After purchasing the ticket that won him million dollars,
Abraham Shakespeare took a one time lump sum payment of million.
Moving from his working class neighborhood and into a million
dollar home in a gated community, Abraham made few other major purchases.
Leaving him with much of his winnings. On February 9th 2009, Abraham
registered his limited liability company with the Florida Department
of State’s Division of Corporations. A company he launched with
Dorice Moore. Nine months later, his family reported him missing on
November 9th stating that they had not heard from him since April
of that year. After receiving a tip, investigators searched the backyard
of a home purchased by Moore. Abrahams body was found under a newly
constructed concreate slab. On February 19th 2010, Dorice Moore was
arrested and charged with the first degree murder of Abraham Shakespeare.

Number 4:

Andrew Whittaker was the sole winner of what was at the time, the highest
Jackpot ever, just under 5 million dollars on Christmas of 2002.
He chose to take a one time payment of 3 million and recieved million
after taxes. After donating almost million to various charities,
his bad fortune began. Between August 2003 and January 2004, Whittaker was
robbed of 5,000, 200,000 of it was later recovered. In September 2003,
Whittakers granddaughters boyfriend was found dead of a drug overdose in
Whittakers home. Then Whittaker lost his granddaughter, though ruled
unditermened, her death appeared appeared to be murder. His bad luck
continued as he was charged with DUI, Bounced checks and faced numerous
lawsuits. His daughter whas then found dead in July 2009. Foul play was not
suspected. Whittaker finally checked himself into a rehab center in 2015 for
Heroin, Cocaine and LSD addiction problems.

Number 3:

In 1988, William Post won million dollars in the Pennsylvania lottery.
At the time of his winning, Post had less than in his bank account.
Choosing annual paments, Post recieved his first check for 8,000,
spending more than 300,000 on gifts and poor investments. He was 0,000
in debt within three months. In 1989, Posts brother hired a hitman to kill
him planning to collect Post’s winning for himself. The attempt was unsuccessful
and Post’s brother was arrested. Post’s landlady and occasional girlfriend
Ann Karpik sued him in 1989 winning the case in 1992 and one third of his
winnings. Finally, Post was arrested in 1998 for a 1992 assault charge after
refusing to serve a 6-24 month prison sentence. He later racked up million
dollars in debt which he was unable to pay. He died on January 15, 2006.

Number 2:

David and Maria Lou of Australia won million dollars in the Oz Lotto in 1999.
After recieving their money, they decided to put it in the hands of their long
time friend and accountant, Peter Kelly. As years went by, Maria Lou began
to spend recklessly, causing arguments between her and Peter. Peter warned her
that her spending habits were not feasible in the long term. The arguments
continued until things finally came to a head. On March 28th 2011, Peter
refused to give Maria Lou money she was demanding stating that she did not
need it. After Maria Lou alledgedly pushed him, Peter was sent into a fit of rage
where he retrieved a mallet from his car and beat her over the head with it.
He then used his hands to suffocate her. Maria Lous body was found hours later
by her daughter. After pleading guilty to the murder, Peter Kelly was sentenced
to 18 years in jail.

Number 1:

Urooj Kahn was a native of India was living in Cicago at the time of his
winning. After swearing off gambling saying it was his last ticket, Kahn then
scratched off his ticket revealing a million dollar prize. Choosing a one
time payment of 5,000. The check was issued July 19. That night after dinner,
Kahn began to feel unwell. After being takin to the hospital, Kahn was pronounced
dead July 20th….

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