25 Unfortunate Lottery Winners You Can’t Help But Feel Sorry For

how do you win the lottery

What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you buy a house, a car, maybe a yacht? Would you pay off debt, maybe even your student loans? How about giving money to charity and friends? It’s fun to think about what we would do if we were lottery winners. However, there are some people who have actually won and though it may seem like their dreams came true, their end was more like a nightmare. Many lottery winners got involved with drugs, scandals, gambling, and many other unwise financial decisions. Some lottery winners even ended up taking their own lives. That’s pretty hard to believe? After all, how could owning so much money ever be considered a nightmare? In today’s list we explore 25 unfortunate lottery winners you can’t help but feel sorry for.
If you are ever a lottery winner, be sure not to fall into the same trap these poor unfortunate people did.

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Suzanne Mullins
The Unknown unfortunate soul
Rhoda and Alex Toth
Americo Lopes
Tonda Lynn Dickerson
Evelyn Adams
Willie Hurt
Denise Rossi
Billy Bob Harrell Jr.
Callie Rogers
Lisa Arcand
Martyn and Kay Tott
Sharon Tirabassi
Luke Pittard
Vivian Nicholson
Gerald Muswagon
Ibi Roncailoli
Barry Shell
Janite Lee
Andrew Jackson Whittaker Jr.
William “Bud” Post
David Lee Edwards
Lara and Roger Griffiths
Lou Eisenberg
Michael Carroll

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