Former Lottery Winner Gives Advice To Future Winners

how do you win the lottery

FAIRBORN — Lady Luck has already struck a few folks in the Miami Valley.  You may remember a group of Piqua city workers won the Mega Millions, which was 207 million dollar jackpot.  One of those winners still works at the Piqua Street Department, even though he’s a millionaire.It was four years ago that Loyal Davis and his co-workers won the 07-million dollar jackpot.  His cut was about .3 million bucks all from this single ticket.”Disbelief at first.  Then I was like, this is actually real.  And I got to have fun calling the other guys and letting them know,” he said.A few things have changed for Davis and his family.  They got a new Escalade, new house, and now have no debt.  But that’s about it.  He’s still just your average snow plow driver, who also happens to be a millionaire.”What else are you going to do.  Stay at home?  I’d rather just work, stay busy,” Davis said.For future lottery winners, Davis’ advice is to get an attorney or financial planner to help manage your money and keep a good head on your shoulders.  He also says don’t blow it all in one place.”Have fun but be careful with it,” he said.Davis says he is still friends with all his former co-workers that won.  And he still plays the lottery with them.

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