WINNING THE LOTTERY: USA Manifest The Big Jackpot

how do you win the lottery

All New Subliminal Programs As Of 2/2/2016 Will Be Uploaded To My New Channel @ Dr Virtual Seven


DrVirtual7 Subliminal Program
WINNING THE LOTTERY: USA Manifest The Big Jackpot

Play Responsible

Listen For 30 Minutes Or More Each And Every Day

Easy Listening Music In Ocean Waves With Voice Commands

You Imagine The Ideal

You Develop It Into Reality

I Am In A Good Vibration

I Align My Feelings With

The Feelings Of Having Already Won

I Already Won

This Is A Truth For Me

On All Levels Of My Being

You Won The Lottery Jackpot

I Win Again And Again

I Focus On What I Want And I Receive It

Confidence Calmness Inner Peace

I Have All The Energy I Need

Require And More

I Am Thankful For All That I Have Had

Have Now And Will Have

I Am A Winner

I Connect With The Winning Lottery Numbers

I Thank You Universe

I Know Exactly What I Will

Do With My Winnings

This Works For Me

Direct Experience Manifestation

Feeling Rich

Feeling Abundant

I Am Lucky

I Believe It To Be So

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