Marie Holmes Lottery Winner $188 Million | Iyanla Fix My Life Season 6 Episode 7 #SonceraeVideos

how do you win the lottery

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I appreciate you watching. Remember why I do my videos. It’s so that you can understand that the story you know is not the only story there is. I tell you my story, my thoughts and feelings so you can understand black women better. So you can understand me better. And for those that may be experiencing what I am or may have experienced what I have. You can learn from my lessons. You can live a different story. I effectively communicate my message to you and use myself as an example so that you can begin or improve on effectively communicating your message to others. You get the real me! The good. The bad. The ugly. Thanks for being a part of my community. A part of something bigger. Thank you for spending your time with me! Have Vision & Stay Focused! Namaste πŸ™‚

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