Fake Lottery Ticket (#1)

how do you win the lottery

Hey guys! Today I pranked my grandma with some prank lottery tickets at Isacs. I went across the street to buy a pack from Dollar Tree, and I decided to give one to my grandma. Sorry it us not as funny as other reactions, but I can’t control that. Haha. Hope you enjoy.

Rc Crawler 2002 – pranks, gaming, and RCs. What could be better?!

Dylan’s RCs: Traxxas Slash 2wd Mamba Max, Axial Scx10, Traxxas Jato 2.5, Rustler roller (FOR SALE)

Caleb’s RC: Traxxas Rustler XL5

Prankers: Dylan, Caleb, Ryan, Conner, Cameron, Gabriel, and Dylan’s parents

Where I get my slash and scx10 parts

Where I get my scx10 parts

Where you can get Traxxas vehicles and parts

Where you can get axial vehicles and parts

Where I get my Rc parts locally

Email: Caleb: calmyoder@icloud.com
Dylan: djbhotwheels@yahoo.com,  Djbhotwheels@gmail.com, or djbtraxxas@gmail.com

Follow us on Instagram: Dylan: @rc_posts_daily
Caleb: @ calmyoder

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