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Live the lottery winner life! Join TVs Jenni Falconer, the new face of the National Lottery draw show, and Sarah Cockings, National Lottery millionaire, to talk about the glitz, the glamour and the millions

Have you ever wondered what its like to be a millionaire? To jet off to an exotic location at the drop of a hat, and have the doorman at Harrods welcome you by name? To shop til you drop and never have to worry about the daily stresses of paying the mortgage and saving up for lifes luxuries ever again?

If youre lucky this Saturday night (23rd September) and you scoop the fantastic £15million guaranteed jackpot in the special Lotto Superdraw to mark National Lottery Day, those dreams would become a reality – just like they have for 22-year-old former student Sarah Cockings. The lucky lass won £3million last year to join the exclusive lottery Millionaires Club of more than 1,900 millionaires created by The National Lottery since it began nearly 12 years ago.

The National Lottery has helped make more than the dreams of winners come true. It has raised more than £18.6 billion for Good Causes, funding thousands of projects in every corner of the country that have also helped change lives. National Lottery Day this Saturday is our chance to celebrate this amazing difference the lottery has made to the UK, with local events held in every region.

So what would you do if you won the jackpot? Get that fancy sports car, buy a mansion, share it with family and friends and splash some more on a huge party? Winning means some serious spending potential, so who better to advise on how to spend, spend, spend than millionaire winner Sarah Cockings, who is joined by the new face of the National Lottery Jenni Falconer

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