How To Win The Lottery Using Parallel Realities

how do you win the lottery

“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, in this video I’m going to be showing you how to win the lottery using parallel realities. I actually had a request to make this video, and it’s something I thought about before, so I want to give you guys my perspective as to how we would go about that using parallel realities, the awareness of it, to actually get there.

“This is about, first off, me just explaining a summary of the idea of how we manifest using parallel realities, or how that process goes. I’ve done a couple videos over the last couple weeks about it, if you want more in-detail understanding of it. Basically, the understanding, and I have to give this to give us the context for it, is seeing the theory, or the idea, that parallel realities, there are an infinite number of them that exist right now in this moment, that there is a parallel reality where you are a billionaire, there is a parallel reality where you have no money at all, and everything that you can possibly imagine in between.

“The idea behind this is that we are constantly shifting through parallel realities, and that depending upon who we are being in the moment, the beliefs that we have, and the state of being that we’re in, the action that we’re taking, that will determine which parallel reality we shift to. The only moment that exists is now, and what we think of as movement is actually the shifting through parallel realities. This is important in understanding what I’m going to to explain next.

“Most people, when they think of the lottery, and winning the lottery, when they go to get the numbers, they are focused on, “I hope I pick the the winning numbers.” That’s what they’re focused on. But understand that the numbers haven’t even been chosen yet. It’s about picking numbers, maybe you pick numbers you’re passionate about, do numbers that you like, you pick those numbers, then from that point forward it’s about shifting to the parallel reality where you have won. This is a very different perspective of looking at it, because it comes with the awareness that all realities exist. There is a parallel realities at the time you choose the numbers that you could shift to, but the degree to which you shift to it will depend upon your state of being for what you’re doing and the beliefs that you have as to whether you can even do that.

“Understand that one thing you could do is follow your passion, be excited, in an excited state of being, in order to shift to it. Because if you imagine that when you are doing what you love doing, you are automatically opening up those probable … You’re making it more probable that that is something that you shift to depending upon your state of being. Focus on being in that state. Focus on really looking at the beliefs that you have, because many people will say that they want to win the lottery, but they’ll have a very strong belief that thinks that once you become rich you’re a horrible person, or they think that that it’s not a spiritual thing, that’s the funniest one, to become wealthy. When we start to see that those beliefs might kind of come up, we can look at those beliefs and choose to let them go.

“Another very powerful process for shifting to that reality involves you looking at that reality using your imagination. Right now, imagine what would happen if you won the lottery. Imagine how you would feel. Imagine after a couple days of winning the lottery, what your body language would be like. How would you look around? What kind of thoughts would you have consistently? How would you habitually act? How would you talk to your friends and family? What kind of state would be in when you do that? Understand that when you imagine this probable self that exists right now in this moment, you are then beginning to actually sync up with that version of you.

“The key to this is to then just know that that is who you are. Begin to actually mimic that version of yourself. You could even do this in your room. You could do it when no one else is looking. You could begin to mimic the way that person acts, and as you begin to do that, you start to become that version of you. Realize that there is an infinite number of versions of you, and the reason you would focus or you would shift to that would depend upon how you are being in the moment and how you identify yourself to be.

“This is a very powerful exercise that we can do is imagining that. Just deciding that that is who we are now, and choosing to live like that. Also, ask yourself the question, is it relevant for me to win the lottery? The reason I say that is because, for me personally, maybe this is just my limiting belief, I don’t believe it’s relevant for me to win the lottery….

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This video is about How to Win the Lottery using Parallel Realities

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