Highlight Winning Lottery Numbers With Excel Conditional Formatting

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Visit this page to download the sample file for this video. The example is on the Lottery sheet in the sample workbook.

In Excel, you can use the conditional formatting to highlight one or more cells, based on rules.

In this example, winning lottery numbers are entered on a worksheet. The numbers from our purchased tickets are also on the worksheet.
A conditional formatting rule is set up, to color the cells where the ticket numbers are found in the list of winning numbers.

This formatting makes it much easier to check our tickets, and see how many winning numbers we have.

00:00 Worksheet Setup
00:21 Manually Check the Numbers
00:30 Start the Conditional Formatting
00:52 Set the Conditional Formatting Rule
02:14 Refer to active cell
02:48 Select the Formatting
03:04 See the highlighted winning numbers
03:15 Get the Sample File

Watch this video to see how to set up conditional formatting, to highlight the winning numbers and winning tickets.

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